View from Boscobel House

The Landscape that Defined America

A unique state agency created to preserve the scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources of the Hudson Valley

The Hudson River Valley Greenway is a state agency that helps communities preserve their resources such as:

  • scenic
  • natural
  • historic
  • cultural
  • recreational resources

The Greenway encourages economic development.

Communities voluntarily work with the Greenway and maintain local control over land use. The Greenway has the following goals:

  • Natural Resource Protection
  • Cultural Resource Protection
  • Regional Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Public Access
  • Heritage Education
  • Environmental Education

Communities in 14 counties may

  • participate in the Greenway land use planning program,
  • receive assistance from Greenway staff, and
  • access our grant programs
Greenway Seeking Executive Director

The Hudson River Valley Greenway is seeking an Executive Director to replace retiring Director, Scott Keller. See here for more information.

Programs of the Hudson River Valley Greenway

The Greenway’s goal of establishing an interconnected trail route between Manhattan and Washington County is complete!

Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail Visitation Report