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Greenway Trail System Map

Greenway Trail System Map

Trail Map Features

Access the Greenway Trail System Map here

Navigation features on the left-hand side of the map on a computer, or the lower right side of a mobile device, are, from top to bottom, Zoom In (+) Zoom Out (-), Zoom to the default level, Find Your Location, and a north orientation. Navigation features on the top right side of the map on both computers and mobile devices are from top to bottom Search, Layer and Legend, and Base Map Selector. 

To use the Find Your Location feature, simply click on the icon and allow the webpage to access your location information on your device. 

The Layer and Legend comes with both Land Trails, Water Trail, and Greenway Counties turned on. To turn off a layer simply click on the layer icon and then click on the eye next to the layer name. There is also a Legend that shows which trail layer is which.  

To choose a different background map select the Basemap icon and make your selection.  

Not for Navigational Use. These maps were developed by tracing lines on a map and may not reflect on the ground locations and measurements. They should not be relied upon for navigational use but are for illustrative and planning purposes only. We recommend a good map and compass for navigational purposes. 

The Greenway does not own any trail, nor does it operate any facility other than the Albany-Hudson Electric Trail. Users are advised to seek out information about specific trails by searching for each trail online. 

About the Greenway Trails  

The Land Trails and Water Trail sites on this map have been designated as part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway’s Trail System. Trails and sites are designated at the request of the community or organization that manages them, with consent from all involved landowners. Communities and organizations may request designation of their trail at any time. 

For information about Greenway Land Trail designation, please click here: https://hudsongreenway.ny.gov/land-trail 

For information about Water Trail Site designation, please click here: https://hudsonrivergreenwaywatertrail.org/siteowners