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Overview & Mission

Overview & Mission

The Greenway Mission

To continue and advance the state’s commitment to the preservation, enhancement and development of the world-renowned scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources of the Hudson River Valley while continuing to emphasize economic development activities and remaining consistent with the tradition of municipal home rule.

Overview: Hudson River Valley Greenway Act of 1991

The Hudson River Valley Greenway Act of 1991 (the "Greenway Act") created a process for voluntary regional cooperation among 264 communities within 13 counties that border the Hudson River. A map of the Greenway area and communities can be found at the bottom of this page. The Hudson River Valley Greenway (the "Greenway"), as established in the Greenway Act, is an innovative state sponsored program created to facilitate the development of a regional strategy for preserving scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources while encouraging compatible economic development and maintaining the tradition of home rule for land use decision-making. The Greenway Act created two organizations, within the executive department, to facilitate the Greenway process: the Hudson River Valley Greenway Communities Council  and the Greenway Conservancy for the Hudson River Valley, Inc.

The Greenway Council

The Greenway Communities Council (the "Greenway Council") was established to coordinate with local and county governments the development and enhancement of local land use planning techniques and the creation of a voluntary regional planning compact for the Hudson River Valley. Appropriated funding to the Greenway Council makes available to Greenway Communities planning grants, compact grants and technical assistance through the "Greenway Communities Program".

The Greenway Conservancy

The Greenway Conservancy is a public benefit corporation that works with local and county governments, regional, local, private and public organizations, and individuals. The Greenway Conservancy coordinates efforts to establish a Hudson River Valley Trail system, promote the Hudson River Valley as a single tourism destination area, assist in the preservation of agriculture and strengthen state agency cooperation with local governments.

Greenway Conservancy Documents

Greenway Area Map

Greenway Transparency Plan

At the start of her administration, Governor Kathy Hochul pledged a new era of greater transparency and accountability. The administration directed heads of New York State agencies, authorities and boards to assess and evaluate their existing policies and practices and create a plan detailing their new efforts to increase transparency and accessibility in our work and in our operations. In that same spirit of collaboration and transparency, we are posting the Greenway's plan here. Other agencies plans may be found here.